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Trend Analyses of Parameters of Equations for Minimum CBR Distance Achievable in Ubicomp MANETs Using Location-Aware Transmission



Use of MANET transmission approaches symbolise a key towards solving the problem of sparsely available network and routing equipment in ubicomp environments, which is expected to be the case for many future environments specially outdoor ones. Good performance of MANET directly depends on correctly designed protocols and research is well on the way in this direction [79]. The adaptation of location-aware transmission strategies is prone to augment energy management standards and justifies all the effort put in by researchers. Among the technological enrichments looked forward in the future, the application of landbased GPS systems, improved location refresh rates and accuracy, development of fine-tuned transmission protocols and cheaper sophisticated hardware, are most awaited. Available scientific knowledge of trends of distance coverages by transmitted packets in a ubicomp over varying node densities, is undeniably favourable for refining transmission protocols in MANETs. Correspondingly, one such empirical study was carried out in a previous paper [28], whereby metric Min_CBR_Dist was explained

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