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Trend Analyses of Parameters of Equations for Maximum CBR Distance Achievable in Ubicomp MANETs Using Location-Aware Transmission



MANET transmission strategies represent one key to address the problem of scarce network amenities in ubicomp topographies. It is understandable that correctly designed protocols for this work can help in controlling energy issues in ubicomp [78]. The enforcement of location-aware transmission strategies is augured to enhance energy management and hence deserves all effort put in by researchers. A few enhancements awaited are: the application of land-based GPS systems, improved location refresh rates and accuracy, development of refined protocols optimised for transmission according to distance and direction criteria, and development of cheaper hardware to support such functionalities. The knowledge of distance coverages by transmitted packets in a ubicomp and corresponding tendencies over different node densities, is undoubtedly favourable for fine tuning transmission protocols in MANETs. Such a corresponding empirical study was conducted in a former paper [27], whereby the metric Max_CBR_Dist was depicted

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