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Trend Analyses of Parameters of Equations for Maximum Energy Consumption Ratio Achievable in Ubicomp MANETs Using Location-Aware Transmission



Location-tracking, ubicomp functionalities and MANET transmission strategies are subject to quite promising research [36-72]. It still remains a fact that the area of modelling in ubicomp to assess predictability features is at its beginning stages. The sub-field of energy management is especially important since in present technology level, battery power is still considered constrained. Previously, a research was carried out to quantify and model the maximum ratio of energy consumption (Max_R) recordable for a CBR gauged against the energy consumed by the sender, for node densities of 7 until 56. The corresponding model was observed to be linear previous to the peak value and decreasing exponential as from the peak value onwards.

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Volume 8 : Issue 1
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