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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Auto-Focusing for Mobile Phone and Web Camera

Author(s) : N.N.KASAT, P.N. BAHETI


Lens defocus causes image blurring. Restoring these kinds of images is an interesting research field. Current auto focus solutions used in commercial cameras are design to ensure that captured images are in focus by adjusting the lens position .A motor is used to move the position of camera lens along the optical axis to take multiple pictures. Disadvantages of auto focus solution are that it requires focal length changing lens and accurate engine to move the lens with a particular step size. Moreover it has fundamental limitations that when the scene contains multiple objects with largely varying depths , a single image cannot capture all the objects in focus simultaneously We present a novel method for virtual focus and object depth estimation from defocused video captured by a moving camera. Virtual Focusing stands for the technique of providing an image processing solution to recover focused image sequences from videos taken by an out-of-focus camera with fixed physical parameters (cell phone cameras and webcams).

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Page(s) : 358 - 361
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Volume 1 : Issue 1
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