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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

A divide and conquer strategy for improving the efficiency and probability success in sorting



Any number of practical applications in computing requires things to be in order. The performance of any computation depends upon the performance of sorting algorithms. Like all complicated problems, there are many solutions that can achieve the same results. One sort algorithm can do sorting of data faster than another. A lot of sorting algorithms has been developed to enhance the performance in terms of computational complexity, memory and other factors. In this paper, the basic idea is to prove the divide and conquer strategy is an efficient technique and probability success for better performance of sorting. In this paper, we do the comparative study the mathematical results of various sorting were verified experimentally on randomly generated unsorted numbers.To have some experimented data to sustain this we compare four different sorting methods were chosen and code was executed and execution time was noted to verify and analyze the performance. At last the divide and conquer strategy performance was found better than other sorting methods.

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