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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

A Novel Approach for Query Processing In Location Based Services

Author(s) : L. K. AWASTHI, SRIKANTH. R


The emerging trends in the location-detection devices together with ubiquitous connectivity have enabled a large variety of location- based services (LBS). Location-based services are becoming popular service used by the mobile users. The mobile users\' location plays a key role to provide service in LBS, but it other side it is grievous dimension of their privacy, so it necessary to keep the user information anonymous to the other parties. The important issue in LBS is to achieve accurate service result queried by the user, hence it is important to use the mobile user accurate location. Using the location accurately raises some concerns on behalf of the user\'s privacy. Traditional solution for meeting these requirements is by using the means of a anonymizer. Anonymizer uses K-anonymity cloaking technique to hide the user location this technique is called K- anonymzing spatial region (K-ASR). Traditional method needs complex query processing algorithms at the server side and have drawback of tracking user mobility. In this paper we have proposed a new model for mobile users to retrieve the result quickly, accurately and increases user\'s privacy. The proposed system continuously evaluates the query issued by the user.

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