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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

A Re-ranking Strategy for Web Search Personalization



Work of relevant information retrieval from search engines is a tedious task in current scenario as there is huge amount of information present on the web. Web Search personalization is the process to filter search results to a particular user based on user\'s interest and preferences. The judgment to make the search results relevant depends on user and the context of search. So, to judge the user and search context we build a user profile that will be very helpful in obtaining most relevant results .Also we maintain Query log that will help us to solve the ambiguity problem with the queries. Ambiguity refers to the missing weights of certain words in the user profile. In this paper we present an effective filtering strategy that compensates for the ambiguity in a user\'s profile, by applying reranking algorithm. After evaluation the results are effective and show an improvement in precision over approaches that use only a user\'s profile.

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