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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Optimization of State Transitions in Wireless Sensor Network



In wireless sensor networks (WSNs), data aggregation techniques are used to collect the data sample at sink through the cluster head, generated by sensor nodes. Data aggregation for WSNs must address to the issues of WSNs like limited energy in battery powered sensor, and fast and efficient query response which is essential to network performance and maintenance. In this paper, we propose an Energy Efficient Activity scheduling algorithm which is reduces the state transition of cluster head. During the data aggregation sensors nodes consume different energy in different radio states (transmitting, receiving, listening, sleeping, and being idle) and also consume energy for state transitions. Our proposed protocol Energy Efficient Activity scheduling (EEAS) protocol reduces state transitions of radio in cluster head(CH) there by reducing the energy consumption. Cluster head activity is scheduled so that in wakeup state reception and transmission activities are continuously performed by cluster head before going in to sleep state. Wakeup time is reduced by our proposed scheduling Protocol. Simulation results show that our proposed protocol reduces energy consumption and time delay.

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