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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

Study of Alum Sludge as a Soil Improver for Turmeric Growth

Author(s) : C. K. HUA, L. M. SIDEK, N. H. HASSAN, N. M. ZAHARI


Alum sludge is the by-product resulted from the process in generation when aluminium sulphates are used to promote coagulation in the production of clean drinking water. Excessive of alum sludge is regarded as a waste product and disposed to the landfill can associated financial and environmental cost. This project primarily aimed for potential utilization of alum sludge as soil improver. Turmeric has been chosen as the sample plant to this project. The scope of the project involved the experiment of raw alum sludge and used alum sludge (alum that contain phosphate and nitrate) as a soil improvement by using simple lab scale and equipment to carry out the result of turmeric growth rate. The turmeric growth rate was determined by a few parameters by using different portion of raw alum sludge and used alum sludge. The effects on the plants by using different alum which are raw alum sludge and used alum sludge were successfully compared. Some portion of alum sludge can be used as soil improvements for beneficial use to turmeric instead of transporting off the island for landfill disposal has been determined.

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Page(s) : 34 - 37
Electronic ISSN : 2372-3971
Volume 4 : Issue 1
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