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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

Analysis of Laterally Loaded (2×2) square Pile groups Using Finite Element Method



The finite element method, along with an elastoplastic constitutive model, is used to investigate the response of laterally loaded single pile and (2×2) square pile groups in sand. Also, a real practical problem of an on-shore container yard in Um Qaser Port-Basra Province is solved. ABAQUS finite element program is used to analyze the behavior of single pile and (2×2) square pile groups. The pile and the soil around the pile are modeled by three-dimensional brick elements. The pile is modeled as a deformable body with linear elastic material properties, while the soil is modeled as an elasto-plastic Mohr-Columb model continuum material. The software is verified against field load-test measurements and its efficiency is assessed. Successful comparisons between the predicted and measured behaviors are obtained. The effect of pile-soil-pile interaction (group action) is investigated by studying the effect of pile spacing on the behavior (2×2) square pile groups. The lateral pressure distributions and the p-y curves are obtained and the p-multipliers are calculated for all piles. From the results it is found, p-multipliers are greater for the leading piles than the trailing piles up to a spacing of, approximately, five times pile diameter. They approach unity at a spacing of six times pile diameter and the group efficiency is increased with pile spacing and approaches (100%) at a spacing of seven times pile diameter.

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Volume 4 : Issue 1
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