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Relationship and Cloud Factors Affecting Government Confidence in the Public Cloud



Despite the advances in public cloud and the associated advantages governments are still reluctant to deploy sensitive data and critical systems into the public cloud. The advantages of scalability and cost are attractive for governments and the current direction for governments is to place more of their data and systems in the public cloud towards a more comprehensive government cloud solution. However, there are major concerns related to the public cloud that are especially significant to governments which include governance over data and systems, compliance and security and privacy. If these concerns are answered governments will perceive less risk and be more confident to deploy to the public cloud. Beside the technical solution of improving security, one of the solutions to this concern is an effective relationship between government and cloud service provider. This study investigates the relationship factors between government and cloud service provider and the associated cloud factor concerns to find out how they affect confidence in the public cloud, towards providing further insight into government reluctance to place sensitive data and critical systems in the public cloud. The research framework identifies the relationship factors which include risk, trust, collaboration, negotiation and reputation and identifies which cloud related factors, which include governance, compliance, security and privacy and performance and offering, are affected by these relationship factors. The study builds on previous studies that address relationship factors or cloud factors in isolation where this study considers them together as factors for the willingness to adopt the public cloud. This is achieved through a questionnaire with government officials involved in cloud adoption policy. The results reveal that although governments feel their general relationship with service providers is not a concern, there are concerns about cloud factors that are of particular relevance to government.

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