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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

A Novel on-demand storage space enhancement approach for solving smart phone memory crunch



The paper present a method/apparatus to solve the memory crunch situations which are present and probably arise during the software upgrades of the smart phones. The present date smart phones (Android based) are using the open source ext4 file system and our method is working on top of the same by utilizing the existing utilities of the ext4 file system. The approach can be utilized in two modes and the underlying approach is same for both modes. For making the method/apparatus we are using the re-sizing of the file system partitions and the updation of the partition table. This approach has scope for even changing the entire partition layout of the smart phone device. We also developed the algorithm to manage the partitions and we also addressed the potential problems during the power on/off scenarios. This approach gives easiness in user mode and mission possible in software upgrade mode. This is not restricted to smart phones, but can extend to the any system runs with Linux as OS.

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Page(s) : 11 - 15
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Volume 7 : Issue 1
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