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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Model of Distance Travelled by packets in MANETs using Location-Aware Transmission for Ubicomp.



MANET transmission is one solution towards achieving routing in a ubicomp environment. If the corresponding protocols are well designed, it can assist in energy issues in ubicomp [61]. Applying location-aware transmission strategies may enhance energy management and hence remain a serious topic of research. Some of the enhancements being expected [1] involves application of land-based GPS systems, improved location refresh rates and location accuracy along with developments of better protocols optimised for transmission according to distance criteria. To assist in the latter protocol developments, one research result that would be required is the trends of distance coverages by packets in a ubicomp topography for varying node densities. Such knowledge will definitely be useful for refining transmission protocols so that best MANET performance is achieved. In this paper, a metric PPD is put forward to assess the trend of distance coverages by packets in a ubicomp topography with varying node densities. This paper adds a result set to the area of modelling for Packets Per Distance management in ubicomp. Designers may use these results towards formulation of better transmission protocols for ubicomp. This paper is a follow-up of previous work [1-25].

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