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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Model of Range CBR Distance Experienced by Transmissions in MANETs using Location-Aware Transmission for Ubicomp.



Management of energy consumption of nodes in ubicomp can be assisted by location-aware transmission strategies in MANETs [64]. It is hence understandable that several development in this field will follow in the future. Among the developments projected, some refined location-aware transmission protocols may be expected. Such transmission protocols will consider several criteria to achieve successful optimal transmission, one of which is distance coverage required and selection of that protocol which best suit that distance coverage. For advanced ubicomp environment refinements of transmission protocols is projected to be granulated at 10 m accuracy as available in Bluetooth. Hence, even for a ubicomp topography of 300 x 300 m2, many different protocols adopted for different distance coverages will be available. To enable appropriate tuning of transmission in such a situation, it is desirable to know what the range of distance coverage that is being required for the CBR is and proactively activate the appropriate protocols. Such kinds of information will be based on known trends of occurrences of ranges for CBR in such topographies. Three previous studies [26-28] had been carried out over which results for this study is built over. This paper adds a fourth component derived from PPD [26] to the area of modelling for managing distance packets travel in ubicomp topography of varying node densities. Designers may use these results towards designing more successful proactive activations of appropriate transmission protocols in ubicomp. This research is a follow-up of several previous papers [1-28].

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