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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Model of Overall Energy Consumption Fairness Proportion Achievable in MANET Using Location-Aware Transmission for Ubicomp.



Managing energy consumption in ubicomp is a serious topic of research. MANET transmission may help in energy containment in ubicomp [57]. Location-aware transmission can enhance this method for energy containment. It is assumed that in a MANET for ubicomp, nodes present will work in an automated collective fashion to achieve transmission, thereby sharing the workload. It is a conception that for sharing of workload is achieved equitably among all nodes present and hence energy consumption is reduced for each contributing node with increasing node density. In situations of cooperation, it remains important for each cooperating node to gauge what is the degree of effort it is providing, in forms of metric and trends achievable, presented in previous research [19-21] which is referenced against sender node’s effort. Another set of metrics for gauging Fairness compared to an assumed equitable energy amount reached if the total energy consumed for a CBR transmission is divided equally among all nodes present in a topography, is also possible. A first metric in this direction, presented in this paper, is ECFP, along with its corresponding trends over varying node densities. This paper adds up to the area of modelling in ubicomp for designers to better provision for resources and architecture needs. This paper is a follow-up of previous research [1-21].

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