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Determination of factors affecting abrasion resistance to garments care performance with coated fabrics



The development of textile industry has been varied during last years. Fabrics are subjected to abrasion during their life cycle using different types of fibres, finishing agents added to fibres and/or fabrics, changing construction or thickness of fabrics or several other factors that can increase the mechanical properties of fabrics. In this study, the properties of brand new filament fabrics have been compared to finished garments` fabrics after different maintenance possibilities. The Martindale tester is used according to standard EN ISO 12947 [1]. For assessment, the specimen is examined at suitable intervals to see whether two threads have broken, while recording the number of cycles. The abrasion resistance is only one of several factors contributing to wear performance or durability of fabrics. The inherent mechanical properties of fibres are important, elastic recovery of fibres or high elongation, hence a high degree of quality. Longer fibres indicate better abrasion resistance than short fibres. Flat plane weave fabrics have better resistance than other weaves because yarns are more tightly locked. However, better mechanical and chemical properties of fabrics can disappear when the wearer does not follow the garment care procedures correctly. Based on this study, it can be concluded that the abrasion resistance of fabrics stays the same after false maintenance like using too high temperatures for washing and drying at home.

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