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A Study on (Bangladesh) Hazaribagh Tannery Area and Relations with Economic, Environmental, Relocation Issues)



More than 200 modern and old tannery units are now operating in the industry of Bangladesh. These are located mostly in the Hazaribagh area of Dhaka city. These tanneries are a source of massive pollution. Wastage of these industries are polluting the surrounded area including river Buriganga. These pollution is threatening for local resident people, indirectly total city and a major river. This study was based on an investigation of “Hazaribagh Tannery Area and Relations with - Economic, Environmental & Relocation Issues”. For this study, primary data were collected from different group related & non-related with tannery business of the area. The survey was conducted on Hazaribagh to identify the total environmental condition, tannery worker, owner and economic growth and relocations of this industry as well sufferings of general resident. From the survey results on tannery worker and local people most of the respondents said that both solid and liquid waste came out from tannery, which was black color. Most wastage came out in noon time and its environmental effect was bad smell to the surrounding area reported by respondents. Survey result showed different health problems such as skin diseases, itch, rash, cough, fever, diarrhea, headache, asthma, dizziness etc. The highest portion of respondents had low environmental pollution awareness due to their education level. Relocation of tanneries to Savar area is government initiative for long. I have tried to find out reason behind for the delaying of the issue and further implementation way forward as well overall scenario - problem & prospect with lots of limitation.

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