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International Journal of Business and Management Study

Microfinance Interventions in Renewable Energy: Enhancing the Living Standard of Rural Households

Author(s) : TAHSINA KHAN


This paper reviews the glimpses of microfinance interventions in renewable energy technologies to promote rural electrification through Solar Home Systems. In this regard, the present study highlights the strategic issues, implementation and dissemination of renewable energy technology in Bangladesh to enhance the living standard of rural households. By critically reviewing the research concentrations and findings of pertinent studies, this paper attempts to fill the gap of present literature on sustainability of solar energy dissemination programs by addressing the practice of micro-finance in a developing country like Bangladesh. The study attempts to add value to the existing literature in two ways: first, it reviews the rationale of microfinance for providing access to renewable energy. By doing that the paper makes an appraisal on the resulting living standard improvement and captures the prevailing constraints in the sustainability of the program. The study concludes with an emphasis on the need for further research on formulating relevant micro-finance policy to expedite the renewable energy ventures.

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Page(s) : 45 - 49
Electronic ISSN : 2372-3955
Volume 4 : Issue 1
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