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Risk analysis in the introduction of new technologies in Brazil by startups



The volatility of technological innovation showcases the need for close risk control processes as a means to ensure viability in the process of launching new tech onto the Brazilian market by startups. The purpose of this work is to present a conceptual framework for the management of such risks, aiming at providing guidelines for the improvement of such process based mainly on the NPVR approach. The methodology relied on four comparative case studies that had their data collected via documents provided by the organizations and interviews with their main managers. The data analysis followed the model in [1], which allowed the condensation and data visualization; and drawing conclusions. Among the main results, there is the proposition of a deductive-inductive matrix for the management of risks and uncertainties in startups, which brings elements that provide the calculation of the net present value adjusted to the risk of developing a new product as well as a contribution to the level of risk management and maturity of the companies studied by setting up the Startup risk management Matrix

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Volume 4 : Issue 1
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