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Organizational Factors Affecting Employees Retention: A Study on Private Commercial Banks of Bangladesh.



In the competitive world of business success of any organization depends on high quality service for which retaining valuable and skilled workforce is gradually gaining strategic significance. The nature of work in the banking sector is changing rapidly and that is why the factors that influence employee retention are also shifting. Several studies have been conducted on this topic where most of the researchers focus on the causes of employee turnover. However, this research focused on the organizational factors (Compensations & Benefits, Career advancement opportunity, Job security, Work place environment, Organization growth and reputation, Relation between top management and employee) that have varying impact on the managerial levels. The study is based on a self-developed questionnaire where Likert Scale was used to collect data from the sample size of 100. . The data analysis was done using SPSS Ver. 20 and Crosstab, frequency table was used to generate results. It has been also found that the priority of these factors differs based on management level. The banks should design their retention programs based on the level of management according to their preferences.

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