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Web usage mining using Soft Computing Technique



Web usage mining attempts to discover useful knowledge from the secondary data obtained from the interactions of the users with the Web. Web usage mining has become very critical for effective Web site management, creating adaptive Web sites, business and support services, personalization, and network traffic flow analysis and so on. The study of ant colonies behavior and their self-organizing capabilities is of interest to knowledge retrieval/ management and decision support systems sciences, because it provides models of distributed adaptive organization, which are useful to solve difficult optimization, classification, and distributed control problems, among others. Previous study on Web usage mining using a concurrent Clustering, Neural based approach approach has shown that the usage trend analysis very much depends on the performance of the clustering of the number of requests. In this paper, a novel approach Neural Gas is introduced kind of neural network, in the process of Web Usage Mining to detect user\'s patterns. The process details the transformations necessaries to modify the data storage in the Web Servers Log files to an input of NG.

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