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International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks

Information Fusion as Knowledge Extraction in an Information Processing System



Knowledge extraction is a means of obtaining knowledge from a phenomenon occured in the environment. Knowledge extraction as part of a process within an information processing system is a very easy task for human brain to do. In this paper we present a new technique for knowledge extraction called information fusion. In the creation of new knowledge, the brain does inferencing to obtain an inference. In essence, when doping the inferencing, the brain is fusing information obtained from the environment with the knowledge already stored in it. The obtained inference is new knowledge of the system while the occured mechanism is called as knowledge extraction. We have developed a method called A3S (Arwin-Adang-Aciek-Sembiring) for knowlegde extraction that was already applied to our system called Knowledge-Growing System (KGS). We also present an example with real-life data to show the work of A3S in performing knowledge extraction

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