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Implementation of Linear Equations to Determine Weight of Unadjusted Use Case Weight in Use Case Points for Estimating Software Development Effort



The estimates of the number of resources required in a software development project is an important part of the project planning stage. Estimates are activities that predict the output of a project by reviewing existing resources such as time, cost, risks to be faced, and the effort required to complete the project. Methods such as Use Case Points (UCP), which are based on the number of actors and use case complexity are popular as methods for estimating effort in software development projects. However, the weight calculation for the Unadjusted Use Case Weight (UUCW) as part of the UCP still has something called “not mathematically valid operations.” Therefore, it takes an alternative way to calculate the weight of the UUCW. In this study, we implement a linear equation to determine the UUCW. The linear equation is derived from the value of the weight of UUCW on UCP original (UCP proposed by Karner). A linear line is created in which the x-axis is the center point of the transaction amount and the y-axis is the value of the weight of UUCW. Finally, we get the formula to determine UUCW, namely , where n is the number of use cases within system and x is the number of transactions within use case i. The test on the linear equation of UUCW conducted using 17 test data from software development projects of small and medium scale showed that the formula of linear equations for UUCW (new formula) gives a better effort estimation result of the estimation using the original formula of UUCW. It had been characterized by deviation values using the new formula of UUCW smaller than the deviation value using the original formula of UUCW

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