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Options Of Evaluation Of Identification Questions In Marketing Research



Marketing research is one of the basic methods how to identify changes in economy. Many methods are used to collect data and these methods are accompanied by the identification ques-tions. These identification questions aim to categorize respondents according to selected crite-ria. Sociodemographic characteristics are used in the research of individuals, whereas charac-teristics identifying companies are used in the research of legal entities. The theoretical part of this paper deals with explanation of the role of the identification question in the research and with statistical methods used to evaluate these questions. First, ways how to process data using descriptive statistics are introduced. The second main part deals with the data processing using mathematical statistics, testing of statistical hypothesis. In the following practical part the quan-titative research made using questionnaire is presented. The aim of the evaluation is to verify a hypothesis of existence of statistically significant differences between groups of respondents who are divided into groups according to the identification questions. The statistical evaluation was made using several different tests. Advantages and disadvantages of these tests are specified after the comparison. This paper is of benefit to marketers advising on how to deal with identifi-cation questions)

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