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Tlov rebroadcasting method for vanet



Vehicular ad hoc network is surging in popularity in which vehicle constitute the mobility nodes in network. Profits of using improved VANET technology are reduce traffic congestion, provide general information services and provide safety critical applications such as enhanced lane and distance control and emergency break warning etc. Safety alert application is one of the most important applications for vehicular network communication. It disseminates emergency messages to all vehicles in a crucial problem in traffic scenarios as case of an accident. The dissemination of safety messages may prevent secondary accidents. In this paper, we first introduced a method named as TLOV rebroadcasting method for VANET. Then analyze it & compare it with other known traditional solutions for broadcast storm problem. This method is designed to make effective alarm message dissemination in ad hoc network of vehicles in a highway or a road. This is a method which is simple and have better performance compared to other broadcasting method .Using TLOV its try to find out vehicle that is most suitable to rebroadcast alert message. When TLOV applying, we also try to introduce priority concepts in which we give priority to big vehicle during selection of last vehicle.

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