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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

Integration of Project Implementation Organization of Road and Bridge Construction based Earned Value Management(EVM)



Organization of construction projects (OBS) is an organization formed by the top management of the organization (head office) in order to construct a series of projects appropriate policies for managing the project. In the implementation of road and bridge construction projects, project organization formed based on project requirements of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of the project. WBS become a major element in the concept of EVM in order to establish the project organization. Implementation of the road and bridge infrastructure projects in Eastern Indonesia, became one of the main priorities of government in order to accelerate economic development in remote areas in the region. Therefore, the establishment of a project organization that will be involved in the implementation of development function must be systematically arranged so that the road and bridge project can be completed to the purpose of the project. The aim of this research is to establish an organizational structure of the project who integrated based on the EVM concept. The data required includes secondary data hierarchy organizational functions of 31 contractors in the province of A, 30 contractors in the province of B and 44 contractors in the provinces C. Mapping of secondary data produced 4 models. The primary data through interviews and questionnaire responds to four models of integration project organization system of roads and bridges in order are , OBS of Head Office; Application of WBS by the contract documents; Planning Project Organization and responsibilities; Planning Implementation Costs; Material, equipment, labor allocation schedules, and schedule of work breakdown structure.

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