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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

Experimental evaluation of E-stubs under shear



Current European standard of steel structures (Eurocode 3), establishes the necessity of taking into account the rigidity and resistance of joints in the overall calculation of the structure. This normative uses the method of the components. One of the components with greater influence on the behavior of the joint is the column web in shear. In 3D joints with additional plates, a new component, called E-Stub, appears. This component has been studied in regards to their behavior under axial load. However, the behavior of the E-stub when it is subjected to shear, has not been yet studied. In the present work, a test of a 3D joint with additional plates subjected to shear forces is conducted. During this process, measurements of strain gauges, inclinometers, and load cells are carried out. In this way, it is possible to determine the moment_rotation curves of the different panels composing the joint (web of the column and additional plates). The test is con- ducted in the elastic range, in order to determine the E-stub shear stiffness. The aim is to understand the mechanisms of deformation for the shear E-stub component. These results will be used for calibrating the FEM models of the joints. This work will allow a parametric analysis with the aim of characterizing the different parameters that influence in the comportment of the E-stub under shear.

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