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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Model of Maximum Energy Consumption Ratio Achievable in MANET Using Location-Aware Transmission in Ubicomp.



It is claimed that MANET transmission helps to save energy in ubicomp [55]. This strategy may be complemented by applying location-aware transmission in MANET, resulting in a situation of automatic cooperation between all nodes present in the topography. In situations of cooperation, a desirable transparent information remains Fairness of load distribution, taking into consideration all underlying features like hardware peculiarities, battery availability and especially of concern here, ratio of energy being required by the MANET node compared with the sender node itself, together with known corresponding trends. Such a study is provided in another paper [18], whereby a future work identified was “how to gauge Fairness features being reached”, as concerns the proportion of nodes spending more or less energy than the sender node. A first set of answers to this issue was provided in another paper [19]. In this paper, a second set of answers is provided with a metric Max_R with its corresponding model of trend over varying node densities. This paper adds up to the area of modelling in ubicomp for designers to better provision for resources and architecture needs for ubicomp. This paper is a follow-up of previous research [1-19].

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