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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Model of Overall Node Extra Energy Savings Achievable in MANET against Direct Node-to-Node Transmission Using Location-Aware Transmission in Ubicomp.



Lots of new components to support location tracking in mobile environment are being put forward following widespread research [36-51]. Upon significant milestones being reached, subsequent novel functionalities are being devised and existing ones improved. However, still lacking in the field of MAUC is the software engineering approaches into metrics and models development to enable predictability bounding and governing future investments of resources for development and further research [2]. One particular sub-area within the area of energy considerations in ubicomp is modelling of overall node energy savings using location-aware MANET transmission provided in another paper [15]. The next set of investigation involves quantifying and modelling the extra overall nodes energy savings achievable against Direct node-to-node transmission, the pattern of trend for this extra saving under different sets of node densities and method of predicting the trend equations and using them for predictive probability calculations.

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