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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Model of Overall Energy Consumption Fairness Ratio Achievable in MANET Using Location-Aware Transmission in Ubicomp.



Many researchers in mobile networking are of the opinion that MANET transmission helps to contain energy in ubicomp [56]. Location-aware transmission can complement the objective of saving energy in MANETs. MANET transmission will achieve the functionality using automatic cooperative strategy with nodes present in the topography. In such situations, gauging degree of cooperation and Fairness of load distributions, taking into consideration all underlying features like hardware specifications, battery power, and more specifically, ratio of energy being required by the MANET node compared to the sender node itself, together with known corresponding trends, is desirable. Such studies have been presented [19, 20]. Following these research [19, 20], a third set of answers to address issue of “how to gauge Fairness features being reached in MANETs”, is provided in this paper, with a metric OFR along with its corresponding model of trend over varying node densities. This paper adds up to the area of modelling in ubicomp for designers to better provision for resources and architecture needs for ubicomp. This paper is a follow-up of previous research [1-20].

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