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Governing Sustainable Development for Highland Areas: A Case Study of Subang Jaya, Malaysia



Rapid urban growth and development sprawling towards highland areas required a comprehensive and prudent development management. The development management system for highland areas need for continuous and prudent monitoring tools and mechanism even though there are existences of various regulations and guidelines and complete development process system for highland development, issues pertinently to continuous geo- disaster that occurred since 1919.Concern arose on unsustainable development, safety measures, development process and control mechanism, professionalism and doubtful decision making. Thus, embedding a balance and sustainable development to accommodate sustainable future living in term of human habitation is crucial .to ensure a sustainable highland development, factors such as safety, environmental preservation, development infrastructure and maintenance need to be addressed accordingly. This paper focuses on revealing the needs of sustainable development for highland areas in accordance to the development stakeholders, legislations and crucial inputs for the development. A case study of high rise development in Subang Jaya, Malaysia shows that there are crucial needs for geotechnical inputs, government interventions, stakeholder’s needs and precise highland development guidelines and processes. Furthermore, in determine sustainable development, there are crucial needs for geotechnical inputs, public inputs and prudent planning control documents. Governing sustainable development highland areas needs a comprehensive development process, management and control mechanism.

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