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Process-based Fuzzy Risk Assessment: A Case study of a Steel Service Center



It is important to provide a competitive advantage by creating a difference and to be able to maintain this advantage in the business world, where change is inevitable. That’s why adapting to changes easily, providing the efficient use of resources, offering new products and services, determining opportunities for improvement and fulfilling the conditions for productivity have become more important for firms day by day. To attain these objectives, the processes should be managed systematically. In this way, firms can more clearly determine those fields which are open to improvement by monitoring the performances of the processes. One of the most important auxiliaries in providing this systematic quality of process management is risk management. Since any factor to negatively affect the performance of a process can be defined as a risk, the risks specified in a process-based fashion will enable the processes to work better as a support for determining those parts in which a process does not work properly. In the study, the business processes at a Steel Service Center were defined first; process cards were drawn up for each process; and possible risks were specified for each defined process. Fuzzy risk assessment was made as the values of probability and intensity showed uncertainty at the stage of assessing the specified risks. Risk assessment was made by clarifying the values of fuzzy probability and intensity with no certainty by means of the fuzzy toolbox of the MATLAB program. In conclusion, it was intended to enable the processes to work more effectively and productively by proposing different strategies in order to eliminate the specified risks or so as to reduce their sizes.

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