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International Journal of Advancements in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

Numerical Investigation of Forced Convection Heat Transfer Performance of Al2O3/Water Nanofluids in Plate Heat Exchanger Channel



The aim of this study is to investigate forced convection heat transfer and flow characteristics in a herringbone type plate heat exchanger channels using Al2O3/water nanofluids with numerical analysis method. The numerical analysis comprises the analysis of two dimensional model of the plate heat exchanger channel. Constant heat flux is applied on the walls. The heat transfer characteristics were simulated using finite volume method with the standard k–ε turbulence model and solved iteratively by using the SIMPLE algorithm. The numerical analysis was carried out in different Reynolds (600-1900) numbers and volumetric (0.25%, 0.5%, 0.75%, 1%) concentrations for single phase approach and results got from the numerical analysis were compared with the results obtained experimentally. It was concluded that there is a good consistency between the numerical analysis and results obtained experimentally. According to the experimental study and numerical analysis (this research), heat transfer coefficient increased with increasing the volume fraction of nanofluid and Reynolds number. This study utility when comes to selecting a suitable model for a similar type study.

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