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International Journal of Advancements in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

Production and Experimental Investigation of Ballistic Performance of Laminated Hybrid Composites

Author(s) : C. YANEN, M.Y. SOLMAZ


This paper presents studies on usability of multilayered hybrid composite as personal armor material. In the scope of study, 4 hybrid composite materials with different number of layers and thickness have been produced by using three different type of fabric. Then, ballistic tests have been performed and results have been investigated. The ballistic tests have been performed by using Beretta and 9 mm FMJ bullet to the international standards (NIJ 0101-06). In the ballistic tests, the speed of bullets and the depth of penetration (DOP) occurring on the test samples have been measured and the damages have been assessed. First 2 test samples with [Glass fiber10/Aramid fiber10/Carbon fiber10] sequence and 30 layers have been produced, the ballistic tests have been performed and investigated. After observing the success of these two test samples, other two test samples have been produced by reducing the number of layers to 21 with [Glass fiber7/Aramid fiber7/Carbon fiber7] sequence.

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Page(s) : 17 - 21
Electronic ISSN : 2372-4153
Volume 3 : Issue 3
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