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International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks

Brain Region Extraction Using MRI Image Processing To Aid Neurology System Of Patient



For patient presenting with symptoms of tumour should be diagnosed properly. Since treatment may not cure at the later stage, researchers must aim to produce maximal benefit to the patient with minimal burden, taking quality of survival into account as well as the duration. CT scan images are limited by the resolution of the imaging. In the field of medical resonance image (MRI) processing the image segmentation is an important and challenging problem in an image analysis. The main purpose of segmentation in MRI images is to diagnose the problems in the normal brain anatomy and to find the location of tumour. This paper proposes a novel algorithm for segmentation of MRI images to extract the exact area of the brain as preprocessing steps of location of the tumour. Neuroradiological research consists of several brain extraction algorithms which are useful for several post- automatic image processing operations like segmentation, registration and compression. The result of proposed algorithm is validated by comparing proposed algorithm with the results of the existing segmentation algorithm used for the same purpose.

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