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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

On Campus Student’s Presence and Movement Indicators using RFID, GSM and Face Recognition



The effective monitoring of student on an institutional campus is an essential activity. The proposed system uses RFID,GSM along with Face Recognition for monitoring and notifying the presence of students at the institution. For this, the students ID (Identification) card is tagged with an RFID passive tag and their facial features are registered into the system. Face Recognition is used for classroom attendance and RFID is used at the main entrance, laboratories, library, auditoriums etc. The presence of students at varius locations within the institution are identified using these technologies and this information is stored in a centralized server which can be accessed using a website. GSM modem is used for sending notification to the parents or guardians about the student’s arrival and departure from the institution. The location of a student in the campus and the attendance percentage can be known through the website or by sending an SMS (short message service) to the system. An alert SMS is sent to the student, parent, guardian and the student’s mentor when the attendance percentage reaches a certain limit.

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