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Home automation using tinim400 (ds80c400)



In India power consumption is very costly. Now-a-days life has become mechanical. Most of us don't have time to check or forget whether we have switched off the power consumption devices. This results in a lot of power loss. After all, as they say, power saved is power created. If we can give a provision to control the appliances through Internet then we can save power. Apart from this we get some luxury benefits like we can cool our house before we reach home by switching on the AC 10 minutes before we reach home. This can be done by switching on Air conditioner before entering the house through the Internet. The next version of the Internet IPv6 allows us to have a 128 bit IP address for any network device. That means we can have 2128 devices. That is, IPv6 provides nearly 600 quadrillion addresses for every square millimetre on earth. That’s 6x1023 addresses for every square meter of the earth’s surface. So we can have 600 quadrillion devices for every square millimetre on earth. In this paper we will look at a way to control these devices

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