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Impact of web query morphology and ambiguity on search engine’s performance



The effectiveness of Internet search engines are often hampered by the deficiencies in user queries and the reluctance or inability of users to build less ambiguous multi-word queries. This is mainly because of the language morphologies and word ambiguities. Neither simple query expansion techniques nor enhanced indexing mechanisms have been satisfactory in addressing these problems, because these methods do not consider the user context or knowledge of the problem domain. This paper covers the comprehensive analysis of web queries in English to know the impact of morphology (especially root word) and ambiguity on the Google search engine. We have used different query sets to test each of these aspects. Our results show that the search engines normally find themselves incompetent to understand and resolve these issues on behalf of user. Therefore, the mean average precision of Google search engine has reduced in case of the query set having any type of ambiguities as compared to the other queries.

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Volume 2 : Issue 3
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