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Long Term Model for Information System Planning For Reengineering Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs’)



Within the last few decades of information techno fad, managing information system have become a very difficult task for small, medium or large corporation. Current improvements in information technology require that long term Information System Planning (SISP) is the critical problems facing Information System Executives and (Chief Information Officer) CIOs today. This can be attributed to the fact that Information System Planning (ISP), be it strategic or not is poised to identifying the most appropriate target for automation and afterwards to schedule installation. Making a proper planning for IS can turn around a failing organization to a successful one since it has a great potential to make a huge contribution to businesses and achieving organizations’ goals. Most large corporation spend not less 5% of their gross income yearly on information systems and their supports. The philosophy of using database system applications that enable corporations to research the past business processes, control the present, and plan for the future gulps huge funds too. Therefore, developing and adopting a good information system plan (ISP) or strategic information system plan (SISP) as the case may be will definitely change an organization position towards attaining business success. However, failure to carefully carry out SISP can result to waste of expensive IS resources and lost opportunities.

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