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International Journal of Image Processing Techniques

Emotion-based interior design image recommendation system using color image scale



Color is a visual element that psychologically affects people’s emotion. Most professional designers reflect colors in their product catalogs. In many cases, catalogs display similar products with different colors according to the emotion given by the color combination. However, it is not easy for non-experts to align colors according to emotion. In this paper, we present a novel system that explores design images using a color combination based on color image scale theory. In our system, similar to the catalog example, users explore design images that have a coherent emotion in order to find appropriate images more easily. In this paper, we propose a novel method that estimates emotion based on the color image scale, which is a famous color theory in the field of design, and displays interior design images coherently according to the emotion using our proposed image recommendation method.

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Volume 3 : Issue 2
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