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Condition Assessment Of HV Isolator Used In High Voltage Substations By Thermal Method



Conservation of Energy and Reduction of Energy losses requires condition monitoring and optimum utilization of substation equipments, in which HV Isolators are important component. Characteristics of thermal, mechanical, electrical environmental are all inter related in an electrical apparatus. So and so with respect to electrical isolator /disconnector which is widely employed in electrical network of power system. The isolator is a device to make or break electrical network at intended locations in the electrical lines. The mechanical operation is essential for proper functioning to connect or disconnect the circuit at planned time with safety and optimal performance. The mechanical operation is governed by proper thermal expansion and contraction of conductors present at fixed assembly and movable assembly. In this aspect it is imperative that isolator/ disconnector functions efficiently both by thermal and mechanical aspects besides electrical insulation co-ordination. In this background, it is interesting to see the thermal performance of movable assembly and fixed assembly of electrical isolator. The conductor position of movable assembly and components of fixed jaws need to have desired thermal properties. With these points in view, studies are undertaken to determine temperature and temperature rise at critical locations such as contact points, incoming terminal, outgoing terminal and other locations. This thermal mapping has been done at thermal equilibrium which is taken as the reference standard for determining temperature rise at various locations of isolator/ disconnector. This paper attempts to understand the thermal nature of disconnector/ isolator and some of the interesting results are discussed in this work.

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