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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

The Food Pre-Order System for Restaurant using NFC Based Smartphone



Typical food order process in a restaurant involves several steps for the guests starting from browsing the paper based menu and inform a waiter of the ordering items. The process usually requires the guests to be seated before starting. The solution “Food Pre-Order System using NFC Based Smartphone” introduces an alternative method for the guests to be able to create the order before they approach the restaurant. Using NFC based Smartphone; the pre-ordered items can be captured by touching the phone at the NFC attached menu poster placed in eye-catching crowded area. When the guests approach the restaurant, the saved order can be confirmed by touching the Smartphone at the Order Dispatching Station located in the service area inside the restaurant. The list of captured pre-ordered items shall be shown on the station’s screen, and when confirmed, order slip shall be printed for further order processing. The solution provides easy and convenient way to capture pre-order transaction form customers, entitled restaurant the ability to perform marketing promotion and offer services off its perimeters, and can leads to cost reduction incurred by utilization of restaurant facilities and waiter staffs.

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