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The Relationship between E-banking Services Quality and Customers’ Satisfaction: A Field Study on the Arab Bank



In today’s volatile and turbulent business environments, many Jordanian banks have invested heavily for utilizing the capabilities of Information and Communication technologies (ICTs). This investment intended to deliver superior banking products and services in order to get their customers satisfied. This paper seeks to present empirical evidence on the customers’ satisfaction with e-banking services in Jordanian banks in order to achieve fully understanding of this contended issue and to provide feedback to management of the banking sector in Jordan. Based on the Alawneh et al. (2013) framework for measuring e-banking service quality in Jordan, this paper tested the casual relationships among the five constructs (reliability, efficiency, security/privacy, responsiveness and communication) and the satisfaction construct. Primary survey data based on the adopted conceptual framework were gathered from (200) employee who has conducted the e-banking service via the Arabi Online portal at the Arab bank website. The results of measurements and simple and multiple linear regressions have been presented. Finally, recommendations of these results to business managers and decision makers and suggested future works to researchers were discussed.

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