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Agriculture Knowledge and Information System within Rahad Agriculture Scheme- Sudan



The Establishment of the Rahad Agriculture Scheme in Eastern Sudan in the 1970s established an agricultural innovation system where different actors including research, extension, investment, and agro-pastoral farmers network in order to provide better livelihoods within the irrigated scheme area. This investigation focuses on the functioning of extensional system within the established Rahad Scheme and trying to relate it to the theorizing of agriculture knowledge and information system. It discusses the relations and synergies between extension suppliers, agriculture research, farmers’ organizations and financial institutions in the area. Challenges and opportunities within those connections are highlighted and thus better functioning of the agriculture innovations within Rahad Scheme is suggested. System thinking was suggested as a methodology to analyze knowledge networking among extension, research, and finance institutions from one side and among farmers’ organizations on other side. Accordingly, Rapid Appraisal of Agricultural Knowledge Systems (RAAKS) was conducted to identify roles and objectives of the defined actors in Rahad and was also used to define knowledge sharing among them. The focus of this paper is to present the agriculture knowledge system in Rahad Scheme where as new roles and connections has been suggested among relevant actors of the scheme to improve the knowledge sharing and performance of the agriculture innovation within the scheme. Extension and Technology Transfer Department and farmers organizations in the scheme were suggested as the actors who weave or build new connections and relations. Accordingly, new innovational performances and practices are to come up within the scheme.

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