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The Effects of IT management on empowering the bank employees in Tehran (Case Study: Employees of private banks in Tehran)



Purpose: This study has been arried out in the first half of 2015aiming to examine the effects of informationtechnology management on empowering the Employees of private banks in Tehran. Research Method: This study is descriptive-survey which is an applied research in terms of objective. The population consisted of 40 employees of private banks in Tehran. Questionnaire was used to collect data whose reliability is 918/0 based on Cronbach's alpha and its validity was also confirmed. Findings: In this study, the factors associated with empowerment of employees’ job including improved performance quality, increased responsibility for decision-making, increased job diversity, increased self-controlling, ability and desire, communication with organization, creativity, sponsorship and support were considered. The findings confirmed with 99.8 percent that application of information technology management will empower the employees.

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Page(s) : 71 - 75
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Volume 3 : Issue 2
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