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Struggles for Electrical Power Supply in Sudan and South Sudan



Adequate power supply is an unavoidable requirement to any nation's development. Industrialization and modernization cannot be achieved without proper access to electricity. Sudan and South Sudan electrical power sector is facing a lot of struggles and challenges, with Sudan's electrical power sector is subject to poor infrastructure, frequent power cut off and faces other sort of challenges. On the other hand, South Sudan has a very hard situation as only 1% of South Sudan population has access to electricity. The purpose of this paper is to investigate and focus on the different electrical power struggles faced by Sudan and South Sudan nations , and the main reasons of them, as well as, it has presented the different proposed developmental plans set for improving electrical power supply in the future . Moreover, it has provided a comparison between the two countries and country-world comparison in terms of the electrical power sector. This paper followed the analytical/qualitative method to investigate such a problem. Semi-structured interviews were used as the main data collection tool, and secondary data was also collected. The collected data was analyzed based on the problem statement, and hypothesis derived from the theoretical framework.

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