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Scale Development Procedure for Cloud Computing Adoption



This paper presents a study to develop and validate the model for Cloud computing adoption in Indian Industries. The data collected from 110 respondents and the analysis yielded important findings that state the research hypotheses. It is interesting to note in the study that one item; ‘Usability’ is dropped from the proposed model. Discussion on reasons for insignificant effect of this item on the construct, and there by resulting being dropped would add value to this research output. During the data analysis two variables; ‘Top management support’ and ‘Marketplace establishment’ in the construct Cloud computing adoption (CCA) showed very poor result. So, to get significant output, these two items were dropped temporarily. Hence, we need to verify these two items with the final sample size as they contain strong literature support. All these major findings of the reliability and Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) shared with the experts before taking any decision.

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