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The peripheral and core tourism experiences: A conceptual study in Australia.



This conceptual study examines peripheral and core tourism experiences in Australia using online data collection of reviews by tourists. To date most of the obvious and major tourism factors have been researched and recognized as a single driver to a tourist community including major events, major attractions and popular well known world locations (Crompton & McKay 1997)[1], while little is known of how these factors contribute to initial and subsequent visits to a destination. Limited research has been conducted in tourism to ascertain how the choice of destination contributes to the over success and visitation in a region (Schmallegger & Carson 2010)[2]. Other fields of product and service marketing recognize the premise of core and peripheral attributes as consumption motivators (Qu, Kim & Im 2011)[3]. Applied in tourism core and peripheral factors suggest the notion of a core or main experience to a destination such as a major attraction or major event with a peripheral experience suggested as an augmentation, such as local unique cultural phenomena, local produce, culture and arts and local attractions.Future research into peripheral tourism experiences will allow a typology to be developed advancing a management framework for peripheral tourism operators and stakeholders to assist in improving the appeal and success of these destinations and peripheral experiences in Australia

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