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International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks

Voltage Stability in Power Systems using Artificial Intelligent Approaches



The events such as the increase of load demands constantly in power systems, the continuous growth of electricity networks, the use of new technologies and the controls have led to the emergence of system stability problems in different structures. For the design and operation of the power system in the optimum level, instabilities in different ways and their relations with each other should be revealed clearly. To prevent great economic losses in the system as a result of the possible instabilities, it is necessary to predict stability criteria and do the necessary regulatory works. In this study, critical values for the system voltage stability have been obtained with the Power System Analysis Toolbox (PSAT) program. By using obtained values, artificial neural network (ANN) and least squares support vector mechanism (LSSVM) algorithms have been determined with the voltage stability critical values. The achievements of ANN and LSSVM algorithms, trained with the help of power system voltage stability critical values obtained under different conditions, on the voltage stability analysis have been shown. Therefore, voltage stability analyzes have been carried out by establishing 13 busbar power system in Elazig in the North-eastern Anatolia region. According to obtained the results, a very successful fixation of voltage stability has been carried out.

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