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Seismic performance for a concrete school building designed before the building standard act revised



This paper described the seismic performance of a concrete school building built in 1973, and numerous similar school buildings are being used even now in not only local area but also urban area in Japan.The Japanese building standard act was revised in 1981 considered non-linearity. However, a number of buildings built before 1981 are existing, seismic evaluations for those building have actively been assessed based on the seismic evaluation standard1) published by The Japan Building Disaster Prevention Association after especially 1995 Kobe Earthquake.In practical seismic evaluation works, it is relatively simple and easy to make models of general buildings, but unconventional frames are complex such as a staircase or a frame with level different girders.The flexible length of the column with a wall having an opening or level different girders are generally assumed as the inside measurement height. The modeling way would be simply, however, the seismic behavior of the unconventional column and the building has not been confirmed yet in any study. In this paper, non-linear three dimensional frame analyses were performed, and their results were examined. Finally, the model with seismic slits was compared with one having no seismic slits for seismic performance.

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